[rspec-users] Deferred success for specs?

Sven Fuchs svenfuchs at artweb-design.de
Fri Feb 23 12:12:37 EST 2007

*de-lurking*, ... so let me first thank you guys for rspec! That's an  
absolute amazing tool :-)

Am 23.02.2007 um 16:59 schrieb Ashley Moran:

> I've started using specs as a to-do list.  I write explicitly
> violated specs so I know what to come back to.  But a lot of the
> time, that means if I start to work on another piece of functionality
> covered by the same spec, it's hard to tell what I'm working on now
> from the explicit failues.
> I run all my specs through TextMate to use the HTML output, so I go
> by the "95 specifications, 3 failures" line at the top.  I'd find it
> useful if I could mark specs as failing but unimportant, eg "95
> specifications, 1 failure, 2 deferred".  You could even display these
> limbo specs in orange to separate them visually.


seems to describe something similar, does it?

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