[rspec-users] How to run stories with `spec' command?

Bryan Liles bryan at osesm.com
Mon Dec 31 18:44:15 EST 2007

On Dec 31, 2007, at 5:55 AM, Chiyuan Zhang wrote:

> Hi, all!
> I have a story steps array.rb and the story array.story. I
> can run it with
>  ruby array.rb
> But when I execute
>  spec array.rb
> nothing happened. I'm wondering how can I use spec command to
> execute stories? (executing examples is OK) Or maybe another
> question. If I have to run stories with `ruby' command, how
> can I choose the output format? (I think there's only plain text
> and HTML for stories currently) Any idea? Thanks.

Here is something I'm playing around with:


Plus Bryan Helkamp mentioned something as well a couple of days ago.

Good luck!

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