[rspec-users] How to run stories with `spec' command?

Chiyuan Zhang pluskid at gmail.com
Mon Dec 31 05:55:56 EST 2007

Hi, all!

I have a story steps array.rb and the story array.story. I
can run it with

  ruby array.rb

But when I execute

  spec array.rb

nothing happened. I'm wondering how can I use spec command to
execute stories? (executing examples is OK) Or maybe another
question. If I have to run stories with `ruby' command, how
can I choose the output format? (I think there's only plain text
and HTML for stories currently) Any idea? Thanks.

ps: Here's my stories

require 'spec/story'

steps_for(:array) do
  Given("my state initialized") do
    @array = Array.new
  When("$elem added to me") do |elem|
    @array << elem
  Then("my size should be $size") do |size|
    @array.size.should == size.to_i

# if __FILE__ == $0
with_steps_for :array do
  run __FILE__.gsub(/\.rb$/, '.story')
# end

Story: array for holding objects
  As an array for holding objects
  I can hold a bunch of objects
  So that they can be retrieved later

  Scenario: an empty array
    Given my state initialized
    Then my size should be 0

  Scenario: an array with only 1 element
    Given my state initialized
    When 1 added to me
    Then my size should be 1

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