[rspec-users] Mocks? Really?

Francis Hwang sera at fhwang.net
Sun Dec 30 15:29:54 EST 2007

On Dec 30, 2007, at 1:52 PM, Jay Levitt wrote:

> On 12/29/2007 5:46 PM, Francis Hwang wrote:
>> - How quickly the business needs change. Designs for medical imaging
>> software are likely to change less quickly than those of a consumer-
>> facing website, which means you might have more or less time to tease
>> out the forces that would lead you to an optimal design.
> A few weeks ago, I ran across the following comment, explaining  
> away 200
> lines of copied-and-pasted internal structures in lieu of  
> encapsulation,
> in what was once the world's largest consumer-facing web site:
> /* Yes, normally this would be              */
> /* incredibly dangerous – but MainLoop is   */
> /* very unlikely to change now (spring '00) */
> Careful about those assumptions.

Yeah, well, there's a difference between chaotic code and foolish  
code. Regardless of what company I was working at, pretty much any  
code that would probably break a few years out would be a problem.

Of course, you can't predict with 100% accuracy which parts of the  
code are likely to change and which are likely to go untouched for  
years. I think you can make educated guesses, though.

Incidentally, how well-tested was that code base? 200 lines of copy- 
and-paste smells like untested code to me.

Francis Hwang

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