[rspec-users] JtestR 0.1 released

Ola Bini ola.bini at gmail.com
Fri Dec 28 16:46:11 EST 2007

JtestR allows you to test your Java code with Ruby frameworks.

Homepage: http://jtestr.codehaus.org
Download: http://dist.codehaus.org/jtestr

JtestR 0.1 is the first public release of the JtestR testing tool.
JtestR integrates JRuby with several Ruby frameworks to allow painless
testing of Java code, using RSpec, Test/Unit, dust and Mocha.

- Integrates with Ant and Maven
- Includes JRuby 1.1, Test/Unit, RSpec, dust, Mocha and ActiveSupport
- Customizes Mocha so that mocking of any Java class is possible
- Background testing server for quick startup of tests
- Automatically runs your JUnit codebase as part of the build

Getting started: http://jtestr.codehaus.org/Getting+Started

Ola Bini           - ola.bini at gmail.com
Anda Abramovici    - anda.abramovici at gmail.com

Ola Bini (http://ola-bini.blogspot.com)
JRuby Core Developer
Developer, ThoughtWorks Studios (http://studios.thoughtworks.com)
Practical JRuby on Rails (http://apress.com/book/view/9781590598818)

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