[rspec-users] Mocks? Really?

Jay Donnell jaydonnell at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 26 01:26:07 EST 2007

> If the
> implementation of a model is
> wrong it isn't the job of the controller spec to
> report the failure.
> It's the job of the model spec or an integration
> test (if its an
> integration related issue) to report the failure.

It seems that it would be very easy to change a model,
thereby breaking the controller, and not realize it.
Let's say that we decide to change the implementation
of a model, how do you then go about finding the
controllers that need to be updated? I know this is
the classic argument between classicists and mockists,
but I don't see the benefit of this type of strict
mocking. If the integration test is required then what
benefit are we getting from the mock and is it worth
the cost?

> Also, controllers can achieve a better level of
> programming toward the
> "interface" rather then a concrete class by using
> dependency
> injection. 

I don't see any reason to use DI in a dynamic language
like ruby. I also see no reason in this specific case.
Let's assume we're working on a rails social
networking site. If we have a Blog controller and a
Blog model class there is no reason to use DI to
inject the blog model in the blog controller. It isn't
removing unneeded coupling, it's adding unneeded
complexity. In java this injection is necessary to
make things like testing easier, but it is wholly
unnecessary in a language like ruby.

> If you don't
> isolate then you end
> up with a lot of little integration tests. Now when
> one implementation
> is wrong you get 100 test failures rather then 1 or
> 2, which can be a
> headache when you're trying to find out why
> something failed.

This has never been a headache for me. If you run your
tests often you'll know what was changed recently and
it's trivial to find the problem. Also, if you run
localized tests frequently you'll see the error
without seeing the failures that it causes through out
the test suite and you still get the benefit of mini
integration tests ;)

In all honesty I'm trying to

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