[rspec-users] Attachment-fu + Story Runner

Daniel Tenner daniel.ruby at tenner.org
Tue Dec 11 07:18:15 EST 2007

Hi all,

I'm trying to run a Story Runner integration test that uploads a file  
through Attachment-fu.

I've tried various ways of specifying the file data, from custom mocks:
class MockFile < Struct.new 
(:original_filename, :read, :content_type); end
fdata = MockFile.new  "test_upload.txt", "Test Upload", "text/plain"

to 'proper' railsy stubs like:

fdata = ActionController::TestUploadedFile.new("../spec/fixtures/ 
test_upload.txt", "text/plain")

The actual params are specified as:
{ :uploaded_data => fdata,
     :filename => file_reference_name(identifier)

Now, this is being passed successfully into attachment-fu, where it  
is processed. Well, almost successfully. Somehow, along the way, the  
TestUploadedFile, struct, mock, whatever you want, gets turned into a  
String. Then it blows up when attachment-fu tries to retrieve the  
content type:

#<NoMethodError: undefined method `content_type' for  

Somehow, I can't seem to pass anything but a String down into the  
controller. Even in the action, the TestUploadedFile is already  
transmogrified into a String (which, of course, has no content_type  
property). I put a logging statement in the ActionController too, and  
it seems that the entire params hash is turned into a string  
somewhere in there - which would explain why the object has literally  
no chance of going through.

I'm a bit stumped by this. I guess it makes sense that params are  
turned into strings - but then what sort of string should i specify  
for a file upload?

Thanks for any help.


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