[rspec-users] AutoTest / Rspec - "stack level too deep"

Matthew Lins mlins at webinforem.com
Wed Dec 5 10:37:50 EST 2007

On 12/4/07 2:53 PM, "Shane Mingins" <smingins at elctech.com> wrote:

> On 5/12/2007, at 9:43 AM, Matthew Lins wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I'm running AutoTest with Rspec on a Rails application.
>> Every 20 or so runs I get "stack level too deep" on one particular
>> controller stub.
> So this spec fails when you just run it??  I was a little unsure if
> you are having a problem with autotest or with your spec ... it
> seemed the later?

No I think its a combination of Autotest and Rspec.

Let me summarize:

- I have Autotest running constantly with Rspec on a Rails app

- When I start Autotest it'll run all my tests, ALL PASS

- After making changes to code, Autotest detects such and runs the tests
  again for the specific file I'm editing ( a controller in this case)

- After about 10-20 changes(Autotest runs the specs each time), I get a
  bunch of errors ("stack level too deep") on my controller mocks and stubs.

The only way I can cure this, is by restarting AutoTest. Then in 10-20 more
changes it'll happen again.

It's very frustrating.

If anyone can even give me a clue, I'd be very grateful.

Let me know if I can provide any more information, sorry if I'm doing a poor
job of explaining the problem.



> Cheers
> Shane
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