[rspec-users] Does mock_model's :null_object option work?

Al Chou hotfusionman at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 5 09:52:49 EST 2007

Please understand in  the following that I am making relatively minor changes to legacy (non-TDD/BDD) code in Substruct and don't have the time to refactor nicely right now.  I'm just trying to get past the untested/un-speced cruft quickly to write the spec for my new code, so I'm looking for expediency over prettiness.

I'm specifying

before( :each ) do
  @order_address = mock_model( OrderAddress, :null_object => TRUE )

but finding that unstubbed/unmocked method calls on @order_address still throw error messages like:

Mock 'OrderAddress_1026' received unexpected message :first_name with (no args)

so I'm starting to wonder whether the :null_object option is doing anything at all....


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