[rspec-users] AutoTest / Rspec - "stack level too deep"

Matthew Lins mlins at webinforem.com
Tue Dec 4 15:43:46 EST 2007


I'm running AutoTest with Rspec on a Rails application.

Every 20 or so runs I get "stack level too deep" on one particular
controller stub.



This particular line is in a before block of a certain describe block. The
strange thing is, every single spec in this file fails on that one line,
even the specs in other describe blocks!

Just for the hell of it, I commented it out. Then it fails on another
controller stub in another describe block. Same behavior, every spec fails
on this one line.

I continue commenting the lines that are causing problems. I noticed it only
happens with controller stubs and mocks. Once I finally get all controller
mocks and stubs commented out, then my spec fails for legitimate reasons
(because of the missing stubs).

The only way I can fix this, is to reset AutoTest.

Any ideas?



P.S. If you really need to see this 750 line spec file, I'd be glad to
pastie it, but I don't think it'll reveal anything.

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