[rspec-users] params not available for controller specs?

Al Chou hotfusionman at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 4 11:19:04 EST 2007

Going back to my original message, I have the following at the beginning of the download method:

   def download
   @orders = Order.find( params[:ids] )

The problem is that params[:ids], although built as an Array object by the view that calls the download method on the controller, is passed as a /-delimited string of id values.  Order.find() will not do the desired thing with that string, which was intended to be an array by the view, but Rails passed it in a string representation.  So the method really should be

   def download

   @orders = Order.find( params[:ids].split( '/' ) )

and what I'm trying to spec is the addition of the call to split().


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On 4.12.2007, at 17.13, Al Chou wrote:

> Ah, thanks!  That was a breakthrough.  My mock object "ids_string"  
> isn't receiving the method calls I expect (even though the code  
> under test actually does what I want it to do and works correctly),  
> but at least I'm past the params issue.

You don't get the same object through the action queue, which is  
another reason for not mocking something there. "string 1" is not  
necessarily the same object as "string 1"  and Rails will do a lot of  
processing to the parameters before they end up in the params hash.

Just assume that a similar string will get passed through and spec  
that the behaviour is what you expect.

What kind of method calls are you expecting/stubbing for a string?


Jarkko Laine

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