[rspec-users] spec for model_id should eql

Sahyoun osahyoun at gmail.com
Mon Dec 3 13:33:56 EST 2007


I'm confused why the spec described below is failing. Other simple
comparison specs are passing fine for the same model. The code is working
accordingly when I test it through the console, I'm just having difficulty
getting this spec to work. Any pointers would be appreciated.

Failure message:
'Address fetch and geocode should extract department and write to address
object' FAILED
expected 3, got nil (using .eql?)

This spec that is failing:
@address.department_id.should eql(3)

  before do
    @address = Address.new
    @address.attributes = valid_address_attributes
    @department = mock_model(Department)

The line of code I am writing the spec for:
self.department = Department.find_by_code(self.postcode[0..1])

Many thanks,
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