[rspec-users] Need help mocking this out

Jarkko Laine jarkko at jlaine.net
Mon Dec 3 05:42:46 EST 2007

On 3.12.2007, at 11.57, Fischer, Daniel wrote:

> Let's say you're using the restful_authentication plugin.
> You have a model called articles. On the index action of the  
> articlescontroller you simply want to spec out that it'll scope the  
> results to the ownership of the current_user.
> It should NOT include any articles other than the articles that user  
> owns.

Given that you have

user has_many :articles

You want to use current_user.articles (or  
current_user.articles.find(*additional options*)).

In the spec, you want to make sure that the articles are scoped  
through the correct user:

before(:each) do
   @user = mock_model(User)
   User.stub!(:find).and_return(@user) # to make sure current_user is  
the mock model
   @articles = [mock_model(Article)]

it "should find articles for the current user" do
   get :index

It is then the responsibility of the articles association to scope the  
results. In the controller specs you just trust that it works.

Jarkko Laine

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