[rspec-users] Need help mocking this out

Stefan Magnus Landrø stefan.landro at gmail.com
Mon Dec 3 05:07:51 EST 2007

Typically, I'd write a method in your user model that returns the user's

class User do

  def find_articles_for_user
   Article.find(:all, :conditions => ['userid = ?', id)


Then you'd use a mock in your controller spec, and make sure you test that
your method is being called.

On the other hand, the user model should be tested directly against the db.



2007/12/3, Fischer, Daniel <daniel at helpmebuyacar.org>:
> Let's say you're using the restful_authentication plugin.
> You have a model called articles. On the index action of the
> articlescontroller you simply want to spec out that it'll scope the results
> to the ownership of the current_user.
> It should NOT include any articles other than the articles that user owns.
> How would you properly spec this out?
> Thanks for the help!
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