[rspec-users] howto regressions on environment.rb in Rails projects

Michael Klishin michael.s.klishin.lists at gmail.com
Sun Aug 26 19:22:22 EDT 2007

Seems that the assertion itself is just obvious

lambda { ... }.should_not raise_error ...

But given the fact environment.rb is loaded well before examples are 
run, is it worth the effort it may take to spec out Rails bootstrap process?

Sorry if I do not get your question.

Scott Taylor wrote:
> How would one write a spec on environment.rb in a rails app?
> I was requiring a gem in environment.rb, but received a  
> "MissingSourceError".  Generally, ruby raises a LoadError when it  
> can't find a gem, but rails overrides this to raise a  
> MissingSourceError (since rails is expecting a required file to be in  
> lib/...).  How would I write a spec to override this behavior, such  
> that a more friendly error message would be raised (such as:  
> LoadError, "you must install the xyz gem!") ?


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