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David Rice davidjrice at gmail.com
Thu Aug 23 12:18:20 EDT 2007


There was a thread about this earlier... You might be interested in  
this plugin I wrote. Kinda basic but worked for me.



On 18 Aug 2007, at 09:38, Scott Taylor wrote:

> So I've just started working on a rails project which currently has
> something like 7500 LOC.  All of the tests are written in Test::Unit,
> although the test coverage is pretty poor: rcov says that 25% of the
> code is covered, while rake stats shows the code to test ratio as
> 1:0.1 (800 lines of test code).
> I guess I'm wondering what would generally be advisable here.  Is it
> worth it to work on (or use) a test:unit => spec translator?  Should
> I just start using rspec when I need to start writing code, and
> perform regressions when need be?  Or is the project too big to even
> consider using rspec?
> Thanks in advance for any experienced advice,
> Scott Taylor
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