[rspec-users] RSpec --format --html:/path/to/file.html

Cody P. Skidmore cody at skidmore.us
Mon Aug 20 11:04:49 EDT 2007

Scott Taylor wrote:
> Actually you can combine then in any way you choose.  This would work
> as well:
> --format html:/foo/bar
>> --format
>> html:/path/to/my.html
>> Then on the command line:
>> spec spec -O path/to/spec.opts

I was hesitant to bring this up again, but I couldn't run it as you
described.  I'm running on Windows XP Pro instead of Linux or OSX, BTW.

When I shell out and execute it like this for example:

  spec spec -O spec\spec.opts


  rake spec

It crashes and dumps a callstack out.  However, if it is run like this:

  spec spec --format html:c:\temp\testing.html

the tests run just fine outputting the results as expected.  If you'd
like, I can run it using --trace and post the callstack for you to look at
along with my spec.opts file.  It seems straight-forward to use RSpec as
described.  I haven't had much success running specs using spec.opts
though.  The same error occurs using the Rake task or passing the options.

With Regards,


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