[rspec-users] RSpec --format --html:/path/to/file.html

Cody P. Skidmore cody at skidmore.us
Fri Aug 17 10:09:34 EDT 2007

Greetings everyone.  I'm learning RSpec and am pretty fresh to Ruby/Rails,
but am so excited I can't help jumping in.  I'm running before I can walk
here.  :-)

Yesterday I tried outputting test results to HTML instead of colorized
plain text.  It looked like there were some entries in the change log for
the 1.0.5 release allowing RSpec to do what I wanted.

I tried adding a setting to spec.opts but it didn't work to say the least.
 Here's the change log entry:

* The --out option is gone. Use --format html:path/to/my.html instead (or

1.  Does this do what I think it should?
2.  where can I find documentation on using spec.opts?  The command line
help doesn't mention a "--format" option.

It looks like CI::Reporter [could] output XML format but can it be used

I'm mining the documentation for related information but didn't find it so

Thank you for your help in advance.

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