[rspec-users] expect_render, why does there need to be a warning

Zach Dennis zach.dennis at gmail.com
Thu Aug 16 14:01:06 EDT 2007

> BDD is a process, not a result. The tools should support the process.
> What you're asking for would stand in the way of this process.

If there is a "disallow_unexpected_renders" that does not stand in the
way of the process. It gives people a choice, much like
integrate_views gives people a choice.

Although I see people using integrate_views are disabling themselves,
because they are probably writing horrible specs. Using controller
specs to double as view specs to make up for not having integration
specs is a big problem in itself.

And I see disallow_unexpected_renders enabling themselves to not test
the same partials in more then one spot.

I get your point though, it's not getting in. Thats ok,


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