[rspec-users] stubbing a method that yeilds sequential results

rupert rupert_apsc at rupespad.com
Sun Aug 12 06:34:28 EDT 2007

I've just found myself stuck trying to rspec something so am hoping  
someone more knowledgable can help.

I have a Connector class which has a class method 'results' that  
yields results it get from a network service based on a set of  
attributes that I pass to it.  I am wanting to yield these results  
from my Intermediate class up to the next 'level' so the basic no  
frills set up would be this:

class Intermediate
   def self.results(attributes)
     Connector.each_result(attributes) do |result|
       yield result

I've worked out how to stub things for the case where the Connector.  
each_result method yields a result once

@result = mock("result")

@attributes = {}
@results = []
@block = Proc.new { |r| @results << r }

Intermediate.search_results(@attributes, &@block)

# expectation
@results.should == [@search_result]

However, what I actually need to do is check each result that is  
yielded by the Connector.each_result method and compare it to the  
previous one.  If they are sufficiently similar I need to merge them  
(and same again if the next result is sufficiently similar). I only  
want to yeild merged results and results that are not similar to  
their preceeding result(s) - I'd imagined he code to do this would be  
something along the lines of:

class Intermediate
   def self.results(attributes)
     @saved_result = nil

     Connector.each_result(attributes) do |result|
       if results_match(result, @saved_result)
         yield @saved_result unless @saved_result.nil?
         @saved_result = result
     yield @saved_result unless @saved_result.nil?

   def results_match(this, last)
     return false if last.nil?

I can't for the life of me see how I should spec this though, as trying:

Connector.stub!(:results).and_yield(@result1, @result2)

is expecting the two results to be yielded at the same time and not  
sequentially. I can't see how to stub a method to yield sequential  
results so I can spec the behavior for different scenarios of  
similarities between subsequent results.  Is it possible to do this?

Any help would be much appreciated



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