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barsalou barjunk at attglobal.net
Fri Aug 10 18:33:18 EDT 2007

Scott said:

>> I'd like to output my rcov data to the screen in ascii instead of
>> html...is that possible using the rake spec:rcov command?

> Look at the RSpec gem's rdoc.  I believe it is something like  
> Rake::RcovTask.  An option can be provided to give rcov options.  Run 
>  rcov --help.

This told me I needed the -T option to get what I wanted.

Just to give a little more detail, I had to modify this file:


and in this section of code:

  desc "Run all specs in spec directory with RCov (excluding plugin specs)"
  Spec::Rake::SpecTask.new(:rcov) do |t|
    t.spec_opts = ['--options', "\"#{RAILS_ROOT}/spec/spec.opts\""]
    t.spec_files = FileList['spec/**/*_spec.rb']
    t.rcov = true
    t.rcov_opts = ['--exclude', 'spec', '--rails']

Change this:

    t.rcov_opts = ['--exclude', 'spec', '--rails']

to this:

    t.rcov_opts = ['--exclude', 'spec', '--rails', '-T']

Any way to do this by passing a command line arg? like:

rake spec:rcov -T                 <- This DOESN'T work.

If it bugs me enough, maybe I'll submit a patch that allows an 
rcov.opts file like the spec.opts file. :)

> Also, is there somewhere that will allow me to search the mail
> archives...I'm pretty sure someone else has asked similar questions.

> Google is your friend.  Rubyforge also has the mailing lists,  
> although they aren't searchable.

Google is such a great resource...with abundant responses!  Sometimes 
this hinders my progress. :)

Thanks for the hints.

> Scott

Mike B.

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