[rspec-users] Any liberally-licensed open source projects out there that make good use of RSpec?

Scott Taylor mailing_lists at railsnewbie.com
Thu Aug 9 06:36:37 EDT 2007

On Aug 9, 2007, at 5:33 AM, aslak hellesoy wrote:

> Hi Obie!
> Check out Rubinius and Gecode/R (and RSpec hehe)

I would second Rubinius, because it would considerably lessen the  
learning curve for some one new to RSpec.

> On 8/9/07, Obie Fernandez <obiefernandez at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Any idea if it's kosher to include snippets of GPL'd code in a
>> commercial publication? MIT license is no problem, but the GPL makes
>> me nervous about that.
> I, personally, wouldn't want to put a virus in my book, but IANAL.

A virus? Strong words, Aslak.

On another note, this book aside: Why is *all* the Ruby code out  
there licensed under MIT, and not GPL'ed or dual licensed?


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