[rspec-users] rspec with autotest on a windows machine

David Parker nemo7467 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 8 17:25:56 EDT 2007

Hello all,
I'm new to rSpec but after reading a couple of tutorials I've become
enamored.  Anyway, I am at minute 42 of the rSpec basics screencast (
peepcode.com) and I'm having the following error running autotest w/rSpec:
loading autotest/rails_rspec
c:\ruby\bin\ruby -rrubygems -e "require 'redgreen'"  -S script/spec -O
spec/spec.opts  spec/models/weather_spec.rb
spec/views/weathers/new.rhtml_spec.rb spec/views/weathers/edit.rhtml_spec.rb
spec/helpers/weathers_helper_spec.rb spec/views/weathers/index.rhtml_spec.rb

invalid option: -O
Test::Unit automatic runner.

I also have the TDD screencast and I am able to run autotest with no
loading autotest/rails
c:\ruby\bin\ruby -rrubygems -e "require 'redgreen'"  -I.;lib;test
-rtest/unit -e "%w[test/functional/journals_controller_test.rb
test/integration/journal_stories_test.rb test/unit/journal_test.rb].each {
|f| require f }" | unit_diff -u
Loaded suite -e
Finished in 1.265 seconds.
16 tests, 33 assertions, 0 failures, 0 errors

Note: I am running Rails 1.2.3 and ZenTest v 3.6.1 on a Windows machine
(sad, I know, but we've discussed that already).

When I run 'ruby script/spec -v' it says:
RSpec-1.0.5 (r2081) - BDD for Ruby

I've also tried installing the newest version of the rSpec plugins and
running "ruby script/generate rspec" so the proper files are copied to the
script folder.

as a "hack" fix, I did this:
1) I removed my .autotest file completely (so no fun red/green/etc)
2) I modified plugins>rspec>lib>autotest> rspec.rb and removed
"#{add_options_if_present}" from line 50

Anyone know of what my problem may be?  Windows perhaps?  It would sure be
nice to be able to keep my .autotest file...
Thanks for any help you can provide!
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