[rspec-users] more different predicates (not only should)?

Philipp Engel philipp.engel at filzip.com
Fri Aug 3 06:29:16 EDT 2007


I am using rspec in a project and would like to know if you have
thought about adding a feature.
RSpec as I know it currently only knows about the predicate 'should'.
What I have in mind would look something like this:

it :should "have a valid name"

now should is not part of the spec text, but a symbol. Then you
could think of things like that:

it :must "have a valid name"
it :shall "have a valid name"

so you can define some criticality, and if specs fail, you know
what has a higher priority. Also, there could be a predicate 
that allows you to write down spec for future versions that do not
have to work and are not shown when running the test in normal mode

it :in_future_version_must "have a valid name"

or something like that. 

Is something like that already planned or, if not, what do you think
about a feature like this?

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