[rspec-users] Newlines breaking "should have_tag :text =>" specs

Ashley Moran work at ashleymoran.me.uk
Fri Apr 27 12:07:10 EDT 2007


I've got an RJS spec that is failing.  It looks like this:

specify "should have list of prooducts for particular provider" do
   @provider.products.each do |product|
       response.should have_tag("#product_name_#{product.id}", :text  
=> "#{product.name}")

It fails when it renders a partial containing this:

             <td id="product_name_<%= product.id%>">
                 <%= product.name %>

and gives this error:

'A rendered show_provider_products_for_dealer view should have list  
of prooducts for particular provider' FAILED
<"product 1"> expected but was
<"\\r\n                product 1\\r">.
<false> is not true.

The following change makes it work:

             <td id="product_name_<%= product.id%>"><%= product.name % 

Bizarrely, while it fails on my Mac, it passes on Windows (both  
running 0.8.2).  Also it doesn't appear to affect RHTML specs, just RJS.

Any ideas?


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