[rspec-users] Best practice thoughts: Model helpers, mocks

James Hillyerd james at hillyerd.com
Thu Apr 19 12:24:40 EDT 2007

I'm not using integrated views, actually not doing any view testing at
all right now since 0.8.2 doesn't work with HAML.  Not sure I would
even if I could though.

Part of the reason that setup method has so many objects is that it's
part of a wizard, so I am re-validating everything I have stored in
the session.  The wizard is also converting one object
(signup_checkout) into a bunch of other objects (members * 4, renewals
* 4).

I probably should look at pushing some of my code into my model... But
it seems like code dealing with a form object that is never saved to
the database (signup_checkout is an "ActiveForm"
doesn't belong in the model, so I'm a little torn.


On 4/19/07, Matthijs Langenberg <mlangenberg at gmail.com> wrote:
> I guess you are using integrated views, aren't you? Focus on the
> behaviour of your controller method, I don't think it would ever need
> all those stubbed fields, but please prove me wrong.

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