[rspec-users] Spec'ing Namespaced Controllers

Sean Treadway sean at plazes.com
Thu Apr 19 05:19:36 EDT 2007

Hi Marcus,

I've been happy with a file naming convention for the specs then using
the slashed convention for the controller_name for the controller

in spec/controllers/sms_messages_controller_spec.rb:

require File.dirname(__FILE__) + '/../spec_helper'

describe Sms::MessagesController, " when asking for help" do
  controller_name 'sms/messages'
  fixtures :users

  setup do
    post :create, :body => 'help'

  it "should send the usage message" do

script/spec -v
RSpec-0.8.3 (r1591) - BDD for Ruby

On 4/19/07, Marcus Irven <marcus at marcusirven.com> wrote:
> I'm stucking trying to figure out how to write a spec for a namespaced
> controller.  Any help is appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Marcus
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