[rspec-users] Best practice thoughts: Model helpers, mocks

Courtenay court3nay at gmail.com
Thu Apr 19 01:59:05 EDT 2007

>   setup do
>     mem_types = Array.new
>     @membership_type1 = mock_model(MembershipType)
>     @membership_type1.stub!(:id).and_return(1)
>     @membership_type1.stub!(:name).and_return('Name')
>     @membership_type1.stub!(:price_cents).and_return(5000)

this is a little shorter:

    @membership_type1 = mock_model(MembershipType, :id => 1, :name =>
'Name', :price_cents => 5000

also, some questions;

Are you really using all those fields in all your specs? if so, looks
like some of your code can be pushed to the model.  There's rarely a
need to define all those stubs, unless of course you have some killer
logic.  Stub out the fields you are doing logic with, and forget the

Finally, check out


as a way to modularize your setup methods.

I am still learning this stuff myself, but a controller setup in my
experience usually runs to just a few lines.

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