[rspec-users] rspec with CI

Marcus Crafter marcus at marcuscrafter.com
Wed Apr 18 00:54:37 EDT 2007

Hi Alex,

Thanks for that - I ended up fixing the RAILS_ENV to 'test' in the  
project's Rakefile directly which also got it working, for some  
reason my lib/tasks/cruise.task wasn't being picked up but at least  
it's all working now.

Thanks again for your help mate. Much appreciated :)



On 18/04/2007, at 2:32 PM, Alex Edwards wrote:

> Marcus,
> I have now got my specs working in CI, and have also found that you  
> can make cruise run under the 'test' environment by:
> cruise start -e test
> Hope this helps you get around your problem.
> Marcus Crafter wrote:
>> Hi Alex, I'm having a similar problem with CC.rb at the moment -  
>> from what I can see, CC.rb is trying to run my spec's using the  
>> production database, rather than the test one: 1)  
>> ActiveRecord::StatementInvalid in 'A new Activation object should  
>> be invalid without a name' Mysql::Error: Table  
>> 'cms_production.activations' doesn't exist: SHOW FIELDS FROM    
>> activations ./spec/models/activation_spec.rb:7: ... Naturally this  
>> causes all of the specs to fail. :-/ Running the same 'rake spec'  
>> on the command line in my rails app works as expected. I don't  
>> have a solution just yet but have also asked if others were having  
>> this problem on the cc.rb users mailing list - hopefully we'll  
>> have a solution to it soon. If this isn't the problem you're  
>> having - would be good to know so we can sort that out too. At  
>> least you're not the only one :) Cheers, Marcus On 17/04/2007, at  
>> 12:23 PM, Alex Edwards wrote:
>>> I am a bit of a rails and rspec noob. I am trying to use rspec in  
>>> conjunction with CruiseControlrb. When I run a cruise build  
>>> having spec errors, the build does not indicate a failure. I have  
>>> tried to track down why this is the case, and my best guess is  
>>> that the spec task is kicking off the spec via a ruby() method in  
>>> rake, and that ruby method does not propagate my spec failure  
>>> back to rake. Any help in setting this up would be much  
>>> appreciated. Also, if there is a better alternative to  
>>> cruisecontrolrb that integrates nicely with rspec, please let me  
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