[rspec-users] ANN 0.9-beta-2

aslak hellesoy aslak.hellesoy at gmail.com
Thu Apr 12 21:54:45 EDT 2007

I've just made a new beta release available that fixes some more bugs
to the translator.

Additional changes since 0.9 beta-1:

* Made Spec::Ui *much* easier to install. It will be released
separately. Check out trunk/spec_ui/examples
* HTML reports now include a syntax highlighted snippet of the source
code where the spec failed (needs the syntax gem)
* Added [#9735] support flexmock (thanks to Jim Weirich for his
modifications to flexmock to support this)
* Spec::Rails controller specs will no longer let mock exception
ripple through to the response.
* Fixed [#9260] IvarProxy does not act like a hash.
* Applied [#9458] The rspec_resource generator does not take into
account class nesting (Patch from Steve Tendon)
* Applied [#9132] Rakefile spec:doc can fail without preparing
database (Patch from Steve Ross)
* Applied [#9678] Custom runner command line switch, and
multi-threaded runner (Patch from Bob Cotton)
* Applied [#9926] Rakefile - RSPEC_DEPS constant as an Array of Hashes
instead of an Array of Arrays (Patch from Scott Taylor)
* Applied [#9925] Changed ".rhtml" to "template" in REST spec
generator (Patch from Scott Taylor)
* Applied [#9852] Patch for RSpec's Website using Webgen 0.4.2 (Patch
from Scott Taylor)


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