[Rspec-users] Still living dangerously

Jerry West jerry.west at ntlworld.com
Fri Sep 29 18:30:50 EDT 2006

5 seconds after my last post, I twigged why a call to 
FeedbackController.new would return an AccountController - the 
IntegrationTest must intercept the call and sure enough it does: 
action_controller/integration,rb: 315-339 and rdebug shows that this is 
indeed the cause. 

I still don't see how the intercept is established - I can't see where 
the call to extend ActionController::Base occurs *except* in 
IntegrationTest::process and if we're calling that why doesn't it also 
clear the cache (line:235).  I told you I didn't know what I doing!  
More as it develops.

But my question still stands - how does one (correctly) write 
Integration style specs, please?

Many thanks,

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