[Rspec-users] stale spec runner?

Micah Martin micah at 8thlight.com
Wed Sep 13 02:50:46 EDT 2006

I've been working with the RSpec on Rails plugin.  Great job guys!

The Rails spec runner (server) definitely speeds things up nicely.   
But I'm having some trouble keeping it functional.  When I start the  
server, the first spec execution runs fine.  Every following  
execution fails though. Each spec complains about the  
'controller_path' missing from my controller.  Odd.  This only seems  
to affect controller specs.  I've tried a few things to no avail.   
Any tips?

NoMethodError in 'Guesser play start'
undefined method `controller_path' for GuesserController:Class
./spec/controllers/guesser_spec.rb:18:in `play start'
./spec/controllers/guesser_spec.rb:17:in `play start'

NoMethodError in 'Guesser game gets created on new game'
undefined method `controller_path' for GuesserController:Class
./spec/controllers/guesser_spec.rb:25:in `game gets created on new game'
./spec/controllers/guesser_spec.rb:23:in `game gets created on new game'

NoMethodError in 'Guesser game id in hidden input'
undefined method `controller_path' for GuesserController:Class
./spec/controllers/guesser_spec.rb:32:in `game id in hidden input'
./spec/controllers/guesser_spec.rb:31:in `game id in hidden input'

NoMethodError in 'Guesser first guess gets saved'
undefined method `controller_path' for GuesserController:Class
./spec/controllers/guesser_spec.rb:38:in `first guess gets saved'
./spec/controllers/guesser_spec.rb:37:in `first guess gets saved'

Micah Martin
8th Light, Inc.

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