[Rspec-users] How to run edge RSpec (on Rails)?

George Anderson george at benevolentcode.com
Tue Oct 31 12:14:48 EST 2006

I'm interested in tracking edge development of the RSpec on Rails
plugin and I'm a bit confused.

The installation guide
(http://rspec.rubyforge.org/documentation/rails/install.html) says,
"You'll have to install the RSpec core gem first."  It also says,
"Take note of what rspec version you're installing – it's very
important that you install a compatible RSpec on Rails plugin."

>From the "Installation" section (for RSpec on Rails) I understand how
to track the HEAD of trunk for the plugin development, but I'm not
sure if I can use the edge plugin with the RSpec core gem (via "gem
install rspec").

In order to use the edge plugin, do I also need to use edge rspec?

If so, how do I install edge rspec and ensure it gets used instead of
the RSpec gem (0.6.4)?

I've done my best to RTFM, but I'm still climbing the Ruby curve and
apparently missing some key bits to pull this together.

Thanks for any direction you might provide.


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