[Rspec-users] overriding mock expectations

Craig Demyanovich demmer12 at fastmail.us
Mon Oct 23 22:42:53 EDT 2006

On Oct 23, 2006, at 6:34 PM, Micah Martin wrote:

> There is one annoyance I'm encountering with the  Mock API in  
> rSpec.  Overall it works well, as far as dynamic mocks go ;)... but  
> there's this one thing... It doesn't allow overriding of expectations.
> example:
> m = mock("blah")
> m.should_receive(:one).any_number_of_times().and_return(1)
> m.should_receive(:one).and_return(1)
> The second call to should_receive is ignored.  I believe it would  
> be most convenient if the second call to should_receive would  
> override the first.
> Why?
> What I would like to do is define all the should_receives once in  
> the setup using any_number_of_times.  This establishes a default  
> context.  Then in each spec I'd like to override a specific  
> should_receive relevant to the spec.
> Without being able to override, I am force to define all the  
> should_receives for each spec..... duplication.
> Is there another solution I'm missing?

I'm wondering if you should just move the specs that you want to  
override to another context, since the setup is different.


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