[rspec-users] Comparison between RSpec and test/unit

Chris Anderson jchris at mfdz.com
Sat Nov 25 08:58:54 EST 2006

Here's the relevant URL (if rubyurl is down for you too)


I'm not sure what to make of it, either, so perhaps I'll just second
the question.

On 11/24/06, Christopher Petrilli <petrilli at gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm curious, Christian Neukirchen has released test/unit[1] that seems
> to mirror much of RSpec, but built on Test::Unit, so in some ways less
> brittle from a Rails-integration perspective, and also allowing you to
> mix the two together as appropriate.
> So, has anyone made an informed comparison? I'm new enough that I
> don't really know the finer points yet. The syntax is slightly
> different, but that seems like a minor issue
> Chris
> [1]  http://rubyurl.com/6uT
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