[rspec-users] rSpec on Rails 1.2?

Mathias Biilmann Christensen info at mathias-biilmann.net
Fri Nov 24 06:12:43 EST 2006

I have nearly the same problem, though for me it seems to be fixture  

Every context that includes fixtures breaks with the 'can't convert  
nil into String'  TypeError.

I tried building the trunk version of RSpec and installing the head  
version of the rails plugin, but no luck.

Really shouldn't have decided to use RSpec for my attempt at a rapid  
programming contest submission!


On Nov 24, 2006, at 8:11 AM, s.ross wrote:

> I just updated my Rails install to the most current Edge and my
> controller specs fail:
> 1)
> TypeError in 'The User Controller should be a user controller'
> can't convert nil into String
> Each spec fails the same way.
> <context string> <spec string>
> can't convert nil into String
> Any ideas what's up with this?
> Thanks,
> s.ross
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