[rspec-users] rSpec on Rails 1.2?

Marcus Roberts marcus at marcusr.org.uk
Fri Nov 24 02:53:08 EST 2006

This blog seems to have quite a bit of information about running with  
edge Rails:


which I've found useful.

I'm running rspec 0.7.3 and the trunk of the rails plugin and most of  
my controller specs pass, but I still get

undefined method `render?' for #<ActionController::TestResponse: 

errors for specs such as

specify "should render show.rhtml" do
     response.should_render :show


On 24 Nov 2006, at 07:11, s.ross wrote:

> I just updated my Rails install to the most current Edge and my
> controller specs fail:
> 1)
> TypeError in 'The User Controller should be a user controller'
> can't convert nil into String
> Each spec fails the same way.
> <context string> <spec string>
> can't convert nil into String
> Any ideas what's up with this?
> Thanks,
> s.ross
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