[rspec-users] Hi everybody! Greetings from sunny Columbus, OH!

Chad Humphries chad at theedgecase.com
Wed Nov 8 23:59:09 EST 2006

Hey everyone, I just wanted to drop onto the list and say hi.  My  
name is Chad Humphries and I am a partner at a ruby and rails shop in  
Columbus, OH called EdgeCase.

Up until two months ago we were doing all of our dev work in  
test:unit.  I had read about RSpec before and after hearing Jim  
Weirich speak at the Columbus Ruby Brigade about similar ideas I  
decided to give it a go for a personal project.  Finally a framework  
that works the way I think for testing!  I quickly used my advanced  
powers of peer pressure to get Joe, Ken and Aaron at the office to  
look at it.  We are now doing all new development on RSpec for rails.

I've been actively involved in the past in many projects such as  
log4net/j, ibatis, and others.  Consider this my hello email and  
notice that I will try my best to submit patches, documentation, and  
general feedback in the upcoming days and weeks to help this great  

Chad Humphries
are you living on the edge?
work: theedgecase.com
play:  spicycode.com

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