[rspec-users] [PLUGIN] rspec_resource_generator - RESTful scaffold generator with RSpec specifications

aslak hellesoy aslak.hellesoy at gmail.com
Sat Nov 4 04:29:48 EST 2006

On 11/4/06, Pat Maddox <pergesu at gmail.com> wrote:
> rspec_resource_generator
> ========================
> By Pat Maddox
> Use this generator to generate RESTful scaffolding with RSpec specifications.
> Syntax is exactly the same as the scaffold_resource generator:
> ./script/generate rspec_resource ModelName [field:type field:type]
> When you run this generator, it will create a migration, model, and
> model spec file.  In addition, it gives you a RESTful controller with
> all the actions filled in, and a complete specification for the
> controller.  Views are all hooked up too.
> Generate the code, run the migration, and you've got 26 passing
> RESTful controller specifications.  Salt and hot sauce to taste.

That is awesome!

> http://svn.flpr.org/public/plugins/rspec_resource_generator/
> Most code shamelessly jacked from the scaffold_resource plugin.  I

The generators in Rails *will* evolve and copying/forking its code
will inevitably result in a maintenance nightmare (or obsoletion).

That's why the existing RSpec generators (rspec_model and
rspec_controller) _reuse_ the templates from Rails instead of forking
them. The only templates we wrote ourselves are the ones that generate
the specs. Maintaining that is easy - it's *our* code.

Would you consider refactoring your code according to this principle
and delete all the duplicated (copied) code? In that case we'll
include your contribution into RSpec on Rails.

There is already an RFE for it here:


> did, however, write all the specs.  This code released under the
> DoWhatYouWantWithIt license.
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