[rspec-users] [PLUGIN] rspec_resource_generator - RESTful scaffold generator with RSpec specifications

Luke Redpath contact at lukeredpath.co.uk
Fri Nov 3 21:40:43 EST 2006

Ah Pat...so is this why you were quizzing me on speccing controllers  
today huh? ;)

Looks good mate. I'll give it a bash when I'm next in the office.

Luke Redpath
contact at lukeredpath.co.uk

On 3 Nov 2006, at 23:38, Pat Maddox wrote:

> rspec_resource_generator
> ========================
> By Pat Maddox
> Use this generator to generate RESTful scaffolding with RSpec  
> specifications.
> Syntax is exactly the same as the scaffold_resource generator:
> ./script/generate rspec_resource ModelName [field:type field:type]
> When you run this generator, it will create a migration, model, and
> model spec file.  In addition, it gives you a RESTful controller with
> all the actions filled in, and a complete specification for the
> controller.  Views are all hooked up too.
> Generate the code, run the migration, and you've got 26 passing
> RESTful controller specifications.  Salt and hot sauce to taste.
> http://svn.flpr.org/public/plugins/rspec_resource_generator/
> Most code shamelessly jacked from the scaffold_resource plugin.  I
> did, however, write all the specs.  This code released under the
> DoWhatYouWantWithIt license.
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