[Rspec-users] benefitting from specdoc after each run

Craig Demyanovich demmer12 at fastmail.us
Sat Jul 29 13:06:47 EDT 2006


In the thread on another user's first context, David offered his  
advice based on how the output read in specdoc format. My thinking to- 
date about the specdoc format is that it was this great thing to have  
when I was done with my software. I now realize that it can be so  
much more than that if read after each run of the specs! I foresee  
that reading it after each run may allow me to notice things about my  
design that I might not have noticed by reading only the code; or, it  
might help me notice them sooner. Thanks for the spark, David!


P.S. David, I see that you now spell "behaviour" like Dave does. ;-)

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