[rspec-users] rspec_autotest no longer re-runs tests with rspec 0.7.5

Nick Sieger nicksieger at gmail.com
Thu Dec 21 14:13:29 EST 2006

On 12/21/06, Michael Johnston <lastobelus at mac.com> wrote:
> Has anyone else encountered this problem?
> What I mean is, rspec_autotest runs all specs, then waits. When you
> change a spec, it reruns that spec. However, if that spec now passes,
> it should run the whole suite again, so you can see the next one to
> work on. It no longer does this. This renders it somewhat useless.
> Does anyone have autotest working with rspec 0.7.5, or does anyone
> have any idea of what may be causing this issue or how to go about
> fixing it?

Are you sure this is caused by the 0.7.5 upgrade?  I've seen similar
behavior but I'm still on 0.7.3.  Here's the response comment I posted to

I think this is expected behavior for autotest – I've already noticed this
and assumed it was standard behavior. The only time autotest reruns the
whole suite is after I've just fixed a failing test or spec. Is it possible
that's what you're observing?

Feel free to take any further discussion off-list, thanks.

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