[rspec-users] Best way to do automated acceptance tests

Ashley Moran work at ashleymoran.me.uk
Sun Dec 17 09:24:24 EST 2006


This is only part related to rspec but I asked the Rails list and  
didn't get a reply so I thought I'd try here.

Basically, since rspec_on_rails doesn't have an equivalent to rails  
integration tests, I'm trying to find a way of doing automated  
acceptance tests.  I've found selenium and watir, but I'm struggling  
to tell the two apart.  Watir looks more accessible and less coupled  
to the browser (for those that have drivers).  Does either have a  
clear advantage over the other?

This post got me excited: http://blog.aslakhellesoy.com/articles/ 
2006/12/02/getting-screenshots-from-watir   Thanks to TextMate I  
pretty much live off the rspec HTML output.  I might try and get that  
working this afternoon, and if it's ok I'll probably just go with watir.

On a more rspec note, what are the plans for rspec acceptance specs  
(aka rails integration tests)?  Surely if you can do full-stack  
testing *including* the browser, there's little need for a direct  
port of the rails integration tests.  The only thing I can think it  
would be useful for is for testing web services, where the client  
would be a library in some other system.  In that case though, I  
suppose you would ideally want a scriptable version of their client  
library, and either way, your web service should be part of their  
integration tests.  Any opinions on this?

(While I'm at it, I'd like to make a suggestion... *please* call any  
port of the rails "integration tests" acceptance or functional tests  
or something, not integration tests like Rails does- I know it will  
confuse the hell out of our developers when we come to write actual  
system integration tests).


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