[rspec-users] RSpec and simply_helpful

Chris Anderson jchris at mfdz.com
Wed Dec 13 02:13:04 EST 2006

Just a fly on the wall perspective here, but based on the behaviour
I'm seeing, it seems like RSpec is reimplementing a lot of the Rails
test goodies. Is there a reason not to write simple wrappers for
Rails' asserts, or something, so RSpec doesn't have to work so hard to
keep up with changes in core?

I speak as someone who's only glanced at the RSpec code, so maybe I
should just keep it to myself. I do enjoy using RSpec with Ruby code,
and I can't wait for the day the Rails implementation is stable.

Also, why not package the Rails plugin in the gem releases? It might
help with the version mismatch problems. I know; I should PDI.

If a core developer could do a walk through of RSpec internals, like
Jamis has been doing with ActiveRecord, surely I'm not the only one
who would appreciate it.


On 12/12/06, David Goodlad <dgoodlad at gmail.com> wrote:
> I've done some experimentation, and it seems that RSpec's
> implementation of 'render_partial' is rewriting the partial path
> trying to be smart about it but breaking things.
> Thoughts?
> Dave

Chris Anderson

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