[rspec-users] FAILED: "test" should equal "test" - what?

Adam Roth adamjroth at gmail.com
Mon Dec 11 02:57:01 EST 2006

I'm trying out rspec_on_rails with a very simple test:

  specify "product name should be 'test'" do
    Product.find( :all ).first.name.should_equal 'test'

with this fixture:

  id: 1
  name: test

When I run it:


'Given a generated product_spec.rb with fixtures loaded product name should
be test' FAILED
"test" should equal "test"

Finished in 0.015563 seconds

2 specifications, 1 failure
rake aborted!


"test" should equal "test", well, it does. Why is this failing?

(Installed rspec gem, installed 0_7_4 of rspec on rails plugin)

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