[rspec-users] Newbie Error Running specs

allan miller allan.m.miller at gmail.com
Thu Dec 7 16:11:30 EST 2006

>>* rspec (0.7.4)    RSpec-0.7.4 (r1201) (rspec gem)
*>*> rspec_on_rails .3 plugin (on vendor/plugin)
>What exactly did you mean with "rspec_on_rails .3 plugin"?


You were right, it was a version mismatch between rspec and the
rspec_on_rails plugin I was using.

Once I uninstalled rspec, removed the spec directory, cleared out
plugins and generators under vendor, and
obtained and carried out the following from Keith, it all worked:

>$ sudo gem install rspec
>(Should automatically upgrade to 0.7.4)

>$ cd ${RAILS_APP}
>$ ./script/plugin install --force

>(I think you need the --force switch to overwrite the 0.7.2 plugin with 0.7.4)

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