[rspec-users] [ANN] RSpec 0.7.4 released

aslak hellesoy aslak.hellesoy at gmail.com
Sun Dec 3 13:41:32 EST 2006

Hi all,

I released RSpec 0.7.4 yesterday, and by now the gems should have
rsync'ed to all the mirrors.

This release features a complete redesign of the reports generated
with --format html.
You can see some examples of it here:

As usual there are many bug fixes - mostly related to spec/rails.

If you run into problems, please report bugs, patches or feature requests in
the tracker at rubyforge: http://rubyforge.org/tracker/?group_id=797

Full release notes: http://rubyforge.org/frs/shownotes.php?release_id=8243


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