[Rspec-users] underscore commitment committed

David Chelimsky dchelimsky at gmail.com
Sat Aug 5 17:07:14 EDT 2006


I've committed numerous changes relating to dots, underscores, and
mocks. This code will break your specs that use dots (with a couple of
exceptions noted below), so  you'll have to change the dots to
underscores if you've been using them. Feel free to check out the
trunk, run it against your existing specs and report back any problems
other than those related to dots and underscores (I'm expecting none,
but you never know).

Note that there are still a couple of places where dots seem more
correct. For example:


that makes more sense (IMO) than:


because "once_and_return" doesn't really make sense as a message to me.

Assuming there are no major issues, we'll do a release mid-week.


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