[rspec-devel] ticket #921: "Fix for git.rb to make Rakefile work"

Matt Patterson matt-lists at reprocessed.org
Tue Jan 5 08:50:37 EST 2010

I've just had a look at this because I got bitten by Rake raising an error before running any tasks in rspec-dev when I nuked my repositories and re-forked because I was so out of date.


I thought that the intent behind the raise was to communicate exactly which repos were missing, so I added a topic branch and committed a fix which returned true/false but also wrote to $stderr when a repo was missing.

That's all fine, but I now notice that all_repos_clean? checks you're on the master branch. Is this needed in all cases? In this instance, I was hoping to keep rspec-dev on my topic branch so I didn't pollute my local master branch. As it stands, I would need to either merge in my topic branch to master or revert to master as-is. Rake would error on the latter option, and the first option is undesirable (to me at least) in the hope of keeping it easy to merge upstream changes in.

Is the check for master needed? Is it maybe only needed in certain circumstances?


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