[rspec-devel] Building Cucumber for Java on Windows

Luis Lavena luislavena at gmail.com
Mon May 18 08:26:48 EDT 2009

2009/5/18 Trond Marius Øvstetun <trond at ovstetun.no>:
> Hi.
> I am having problems running the rake tasks for Cucumber for Java on
> Windows.
> When I run "jruby -S rake gem" in Cygwin I get the following stack:

The first thing is that you're running JRuby inside Cygwin. all batch
file calls will be intercepted by cygwin and not by the OS, thus

> [...]
> mvn clean package
> /usr/bin/sh: call: command not found
> rake aborted!

"call" is an internal command of Windows interpreter, that should have
work on a plain console.
> When I run in the regular cmd-shell:
> C:\Users\ovstetun\Mesan\fagArbeid\cucumber_java\cucumber-java>jruby -S rake
> gem --trace
> (in C:/Users/ovstetun/Mesan/fagArbeid/cucumber_java/cucumber-java)
> [...]
> Are these known problems? Anything to fix?
> So far I have changed the rake-tasks the following:
> task :jar do
>   # sh 'mvn clean package'
>   mv "target/cucumber-java-#{Cucumber::Java::VERSION::STRING}.jar", 'lib'
> end
> Then things work as long as I remember to run mvn package between each
> execution of rake gem..
> Any tips to making this work?

Can you upgrade to rake 0.8.7? There are known problems of
Kernel::system() on Windows that got fixed several versions after
0.8.4. Also, latest 0.8.7 fixed issues when calling shell commands
form JRuby.

gem update rake

Luis Lavena
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